The Most Important SEO Factors



Here is a really short list of the three things you can consider to be important SEO factors. This factors are for ranking small niche sites where there is not a lot of competition fro long-tail keywords.


As a small business, do you know who your target audience is? Who are you selling to? Who would be an ideal client or customer for your business? When doing website search engine optimization, this information will literally make or break your SEO campaign.


Therefore I was a little taken back after our free SEO and Internet Marketing MeetUp we held this past week here in Phoenix when I was approached by several of our members who expressed their resistance in joining me in this challenge because they related that their business goal was to compete on price to sell more of their stuff. Unlike most people I don't believe that the lower price model is a driver for sales, in fact when I owned and managed the RadarBusters network my prices were typically higher then my competitors.