Don't Rely On Keyword Density



There was a time when your website was ranked on how many times you repeated the keyword. If you were to think like that now, you would almost certainly be banned from all of the major search engines. From experience of optimizing sites, I have noticed that Google doesn't really pay much attention to the keyword density of your content.


With this article I am starting the SEO guide, which is dedicated specially to beginners, who have recently started a blog or website either for their business or to make money online. I will cover all the SEO aspects the so called SEO Expert use to rank higher in search engines.


Online article writing can be hard to adjust to if you're used to writing for print, or if you have no experience of writing outside of the school house. Although writing for the web does have many subtleties, learning the basics is easier than you probably think. This article will cover a few of the standard concepts you should understand as you get started.