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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Crave04 Masters 5 / 10

Should have been better

This was released yesterday in New Zealand and after the Avengers i was really looking forward to the so called "phase 2" of movies about our favourite superheroes starting with Ironman 3. Unfortunately for me this movie took a backward step. It was fairly slow but it also did have plenty of action. The story was simple, all the special effects were fantastic and RDJ did his thing again owning the screen as IM. The downside for me was the vulnerability of IM and the lame enemies. I thought that it was great that Tony Stark was pushed to his limits but would have been better against a different foe, someone challenging on the technical side maybe. Instead we have some people that can annoyingly rejuvinate over and over again. They reminded me of the ugly vampire people on Blade 2. And the biggest downer was how easily IM's suit was trashed. My daughter asked me after leaving the cinema "how come ironmans suit keep breaking so easily?" And shes right. The lame bad guys seemed to overpower ironman quite easily and the amount of suits that were ripped to shreds left me wondering, are they made of plastic now? Considering the types of opponents hes come up against in previous movies IM 1, IM 2 and Thor and all the aliens in Avengers, its quite a shock to see the suit torn apart like that. It just didn't make sense. We all love Tony Starks Ironman suit and all the little gizmos in all the previous movies but unfortunately this time around, the Ironman suit wasn't that Iron at all:(

Reviewed by BeatleFloydZeppelin 5 / 10

Better than I expected, but worse than I'd hoped.

The first Iron Man movie changed the way comic book adaptions were made. It (for better or worse) began the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" that climaxed with The Avengers. This is the first marvel movie to be released after The Avengers, and in many ways it proves that the series is still going strong, however, it is far from perfect.

ACTING: 8/10

The acting from the main cast members is great. Robert Downey Jr. continues to be the perfect Iron Man, I just can't imagine a better suited actor. His comedic timing is perfect, and he allows Tony Stark to be lovable while being a total jerk. Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle don't get a ton of screen time, however, they are wonderful when they do. Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, and Rebecca Hall are all fantastic and underused. The rest of the cast is perfectly adequate, however, there seems to be a theme of casting great talents and completely under using them.


This is the biggest failure of the movie. The comedy works well (partially thanks to Robert Downey Jr.) and the action scenes are good, however the plot hidden behind the popcorn fun is plain awful. I have never really liked movies that deal with "super soldiers" and "protecting the president," and this movie deals with both badly. The technology written into the series continues to become more and more ridiculous. And the twist is both easy to predict and manages to reduce the main villains role to nothing. Finally, the scene after the credits is a bit of a let down as it gives no hint towards the direction of the series.

DESIGN: 6/10

The design is just as good as previous films in the series, which is to say that it fits somewhere between satisfactory and slightly above average. The tech looks great despite its lack of plausibility, and the wardrobe and sets fit the overall tone of the movie.

EFFECTS: 10/10

The CGI is near perfect in this film, and there is a ton of it. There are scenes where Iron Man's suit magnetically attaches to Tony in separate pieces and it looks totally convincing. The explosions and impossible technology looks great too.

MUSIC: 4/10

The soundtrack in this movie is awful. Hans Zimmer has inspired many with his booming and electronic score for Inception and the Batman franchise. This concept has been replicated a hundred times since those movies, and in lesser hands it is nothing but a loud mess. This is the case with Iron Man 3. The score is loud and booming, and completely forgettable, dull and repetitive.


This movie is mindless, unimpressive, forgettable, action packed... and thoroughly enjoyable. It is a great summer blockbuster popcorn movie that will leave your mind as soon as you leave the theater. That being said, if you liked The Avengers and Iron Man 2, you will likely enjoy this movie as well. Overall, I give it a 6.2/10

Reviewed by deflep318 4 / 10

I do not understand how this script was OK'd by Marvel

I would have gone into detail and actually clicked on spoiler but there is no need. Looks like at least 100 people did that already tonight. So I am just going to hit the high notes and the low notes and call it a night.

The good It was an OK movie. Not great, not good. but I got to see explosions and hear one liners.

Pretty good acting by the major players. Kingsly particularly was great with what they gave him.

Stay for the ending credits for a small laugh

The bad

This script sucks They completely retcon'd a major villain and a major organization. Screwing them up for any future marvel movie. Seriously screwed the pooch on that.

This was a Tony Stark story, not an Iron Man Story It appears that Tony must have got some shield training because now the rich guy that only knows how to blast people and tackle people acts more like a cross between Macguyver and Hawkeye then Iron Man.

They screw up several major plot points from the first two movies such as why Tony has a superconductor in his chest to begin with and the weapon systems war-machine uses.

Finally, Where the hell is Nick Fury. Iron man does not need to have Nick Fury in his movies. Except when that movie basically deals with domestic terrorism on a massive front. If you see this movie you will see a part specifically where iron man calls out a major bad guy in the press and says bring it on I will be here. In the marvel universe there is no way in hell something that public would not have shield all over it. Especially since Tony Stark basically builds their cool stuff.

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