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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jacques-schmitz 10 / 10

Probably the best horror movie of 2018

I had the chance to view this movie at the Gerardmer Fantastic Film Festival.

We expected a boring movie.

We were so wrong.

This movie is a bomb.

Its a visceral horror movie which keeps you clutched to your chair till the end.

The twist comes in the middle of the movie, unlike usual commercial horror movies where the twist comes imposed in the end.

In this movie, the twist really serves the story.

Go watch this masterpiece!

I give it 6/6.

And my brother and another friend also 6/6.

So 3 times 6.

And the Jury of Gerardmer agreed and gave it the Grand Prize.

Nouf said,

Go watch it if you dare.

Reviewed by jeromeschmitz01 10 / 10


I saw this movie in Gerardmer, competing for the the fantastic film festival, and I was pretty sure it would win, because it was by far the best.

Just watch it, you won?t regret. A punch in your face !

Much appreciated.

Thanks Pascal !

Reviewed by ghostpictures 8 / 10

One of the best horror movies i saw

I saw the film yesterday at the German premiere in the presence of the director.
I thought the movie was extremely stressful, uncomfortable and showed really bad scenes.
But the movie was great. Exciting, surprising and he went to the substance.
Unfortunately, I saw the twist relatively early, but I was surprised how the film pulled through it.
Go watch it and suffer.

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