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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by csokolof 10 / 10

This movie had so much to say, if you know how to see it. Beautifully shot , with wide panoramic views ,unexpected angles and B movie splatter, this is FAR from a Mad Max remake. A social commentary on the objectification of women,wrapped inside of a full on action movie with NONE of the boring parts . At an hour and a half I wanted more !!! I will be rewatching this one . James Franco , Snoop Dogg and Mila Jovovitch knock it out of the park , as usual ! Don't listen to any critics! Go See for yourself !

Reviewed by ben-2133 9 / 10

Okay let's be real here. There's two different types of movie watchers. Those that pick apart films as they watch and those that can get lost in the vision. If you are a critic then avoid this movie. But if you love movies for what they are then give this one a shot. I love cult movies like the dark backward. Near dark. Alien from l.a. the comet. Cherry 2000 and the list goes on. I am big fan of cult films in general. This movie is obviously made by someone who loves them as well. The characters are fun and quirky af. Mila is at her best as a crazy drug fueled psychopath. Snoop dog is the coolest of pimps and suki is sexy af. you can tell they had a good time making this movie and I enjoyed watching it. In the end. That's all that matters. I don't pick apart movies even though I can. I try to enjoy them. Period.

Reviewed by terrencepatrix 4 / 10

James Franco really doesn't know how to direct and should probably stay away from attempting it in the future. There really aren't many ways to describe this movie other than plain dumb, it's just not that good. It seems like this was more a project for some actors and rappers to goof around and enjoy themselves, which can work, if the story and acting doesn't suck.

I was going to write out a movie summary but decided it's really not needed. The movie takes place in essentially 4 "sets", a beautiful grove filled with flowing water and trees, a shack decorated to look like a brothel, an abandoned church in the middle of nowhere, and an abandoned resort in the middle of nowhere. They didn't build any of this, it's clear they filmed in random places they found, they didn't even bother dressing them up. Franco hams it up as the evil bad guy Warlord, Suki Waterhouse is a sexy robot, Snoop Dogg is a pimp (shocker), and Mila Jovavich is a chemist? Or something. I dunno, she somehow makes drugs from the crappiest looking chemistry set I've seen. Another dumb thing that irked me, this movie takes place over several days but not ONCE do they show what people eat or drink or how they get any of their resources. There's NOTHING else but the filming locations and it's all in the middle of nowhere. It a dumb thing to bother me but...3-4 days in the desert without a sip of water and no sign of dehydration? That's just basic character development. Which there is absolutely none of in this movie.

So why did I rate it a 4? Two stars for the film because it was shot relatively well, and two stars for Suki Waterhouse and Mila Jovavich looking hot as hell. Honestly just a really amateurish movie. It wants to be campy and cult status invoking...it's not. It's just dumb.

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